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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A New Begining

It has been a crazy, caotic year already and the bad part is that I haven't had any time to craft or much less blog. I am really going to try and keep everyone more update. I really need to find a way to make crafting my full time job. I need more days home. :-)

But anywho, over the last couple of weekends I have had a little time to knock out some goodies.

I made some crayola rolls that I thought turned out just yummy. I am one of the crafters who can only make a few of something before she is ready for something new.

And aren't these little bunnies the cutest thing you ever did see? Thank you mom for the idea.:-)

With today being a snow day, and I decided not to drag Abby to work with me, I have decided to dive into a new project. If I can get the picture in the right place I will show you a lil tidbit. Well since I forgot to add it at the begining so now it is the first picture. Bet you wondered what it was doing up there. lol Well anyway, stay tuned for more and I will try to get them right.

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