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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The boo-boo buddy

Introducing the Boo-Boo Buddy. First I must say thank you to Alli's crafts for the pattern and idea. I still have some embelishing to do, but here is the idea. Take a couple ice cubes but in the pouch, close with the button that is soon to be on there, and whoopla, a boo-boo buddy for your lil buddy.

These are such a great idea and my daughter loves them!! She is always grabbing my comfy bag that I keep in the freezer that is full of rice and disapears with it so when I have one of my wonderful migranes and go to get my comfy pack it is never there. lol...so now she has her own. Thanks again Alli!!

Remember this pic?

hello all, bet you though I gave up on this pic. Nope, I have a new idea but it is going to take me a little more time to get it put together. So bare with me on this one.

I am stealing a moment here at work to do a lil post. My animal tags that I was working on have managed to kick my butt, so I am currently trying to think of a different way to do them. And I may just have it...I will have to wait til I get more time with my sewing machine and less time at work. BLAH!!!

I should be able to show you my Boo-Boo Buddies tonight, I will take some pictures when I get home and post them for you all to see. I am kinda excited, I do have an idea of something else to do to them, but not sure.

Ok, I do have a need...anyone have any easter ideas? What is your favorite thing to do for easter?

Well it is back to my (unfortunate) real job. Hopefully I will have pics tonight. Have a good rest of the day.

Easter is coming

I am so ready to start making easter stuff. What is your favorite easter thing to make? I am at loose ends and really not sure what to make.

Well it isn't Monday, thank goodness, got that one out of the way. Today is gonna be crazy busy at work, and I am not looking forward to it, in any way shape or form. I want to stay home and craft!!

Well have a good day all!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A work in progress

Well here is what I have been working on yesterday. It did not turn out like I wanted. It is supose to be a bunny but "Surprise" I think it looks more like a kitty. So I had a revelation.....wait for it...wait....

I have changed my thought. Instead of Bunny Tags I am going to do "animal tags". It is amazing how when you start something it can change in the blink of an eye. I have decided to try and make a real Bunny tag, and I invision a puppy dog, and no telling what else I will come up with. So stay tunned and let me know what you think. I love feedback!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Ok, I am ALMOST getting the hang of this.

It is sooooo good to have a day off to craft. I am slow getting strated but my husband took me to breakfast and it was good. So now that my tummy is full I am having a hard time getting started.

But I do have a plan and it is all set out and waiting on me. Bunny Tags...Can't wait to show you a finished product. So I guess intead of putting it off any longer I will go get busy.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow I am getting another post in..woohoo

Well here I am again. I can't believe I am getting to post again so quickly.
I am putting my last project I started on hold, hit a snag and not sure what to do with what I have. lol BUT... I have a new idea for something else that I hope to get to share before the weekend is over.

I am one of those crafters that has all these different ideas running through my head and I want to do them all at once and now. My crafting brain cell is overloaded and I don't know what to do to keep it from exploding. :-) I know it is crazy. Is there anyone out there that has this problem? I have to work (a real job as my husband calls it) 40 hours a week and have no time to craft and it is driving me absolutely crazy.

Well now that I have shared with you my current delima, I will go and get Abs ready for bed and consider going my self. I am to tired for working to craft now. I would mess up everything I touch. lol

Have a good night all!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A New Begining

It has been a crazy, caotic year already and the bad part is that I haven't had any time to craft or much less blog. I am really going to try and keep everyone more update. I really need to find a way to make crafting my full time job. I need more days home. :-)

But anywho, over the last couple of weekends I have had a little time to knock out some goodies.

I made some crayola rolls that I thought turned out just yummy. I am one of the crafters who can only make a few of something before she is ready for something new.

And aren't these little bunnies the cutest thing you ever did see? Thank you mom for the idea.:-)

With today being a snow day, and I decided not to drag Abby to work with me, I have decided to dive into a new project. If I can get the picture in the right place I will show you a lil tidbit. Well since I forgot to add it at the begining so now it is the first picture. Bet you wondered what it was doing up there. lol Well anyway, stay tuned for more and I will try to get them right.