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Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Models are hard to find

I admit the scarves are shorter then they should be. But I had this yarn and was trying to use it up. When I got to the end of the skein and realized how short they still were I went to the store and SURPRISE they don't make that any more. So we have short scarves. But future plans are to buy enough yarn instead of trying to use up my scraps. lol

This one was a sacrafice for me. I made this scarf last year for myself and when I came across the skien of yarn I had left I made a hat. I am taking it to the craft fair. If it sells, YAY, if not then I have a hat to match my scarf for this winter. :-)

After 1 photo shoot my model held out for better wages. Geesh, a good model is hard to find these days so I gave in to her demands. Model Abby got to have a can of my Pepsi after putting on such a great show for my pictures. :-)
Send me some good vibes. I am so nervous about this craft fair. I will be back Monday with upadtes.

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