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Monday, September 6, 2010

Been Busy on My 3 Day Weekend

I absolutely love these. They turned out so neat.
And By golly I even got the pockets inside them. I am almost getting good at this. :-)

This is the front side and...

This is the backside. It took my 18 year old son to show me that one side is Ligt and the other is Dark. I didn't plan that, but it is kinda neat how they turned out. :-)

I am really pleased with how this turned out. If I was a teacher I would love this gift. It is a bag, with "pokets" on the inside. There is a little case and a checkbook cover/bilfold. My billfold needs a little work to make it look cleaner but I was so excited when I actually got it to look like a checkbook cover. :-0 WOW

Earlier I showed you my reversible drawstring bags. Well here they are finished and stuffed.

I guess I was so happy with this I just wanted to show it to you again. LOL

I am so excited about all the new things I am learning to make and look forward to making and sharing so much more. I am in no way perfect and have a long way to go. But if just makes me happy that I am able to turn out something that looks like it is actually something. I enjoy making stuff and love to hear feedback on them. I always welcome suggestions on how I can make it better, so please let me have it. Thanks for checking them out.

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